Graphic Designing

In my career, I have excelled in the field of graphic design, having a strong passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail. As a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience, I have been able to gain a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise, which are reflected in my portfolio of works that I have compiled. Throughout my career, I have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from print designs such as publications, packaging, flyers, and billboards to digital designs such as websites, social media posts, and online advertisements. Besides, my collaborative approach and ability to work with clients, brand managers, and marketing teams have enabled me to create impactful designs, leaving a lasting impression on the minds of the targeted audience.

Digital Designs

This is a collection of some of the most creative theme-based digital design campaigns that I have created for a wide variety of brands to promote their products, services, or events on the company's digital platform. These campaigns are designed to take advantage of trending topics on social media to promote and create awareness about the brand with impactful and visually appealing messages to capture the attention of a broader range of audiences to the organization's digital platforms.

Publication Designs

Below I have listed some of the publication designs I have created to demonstrate my dedication, skills, and attention to detail that I put into creating a publication that is both visually appealing and competently communicates important information to a larger audience. It is noteworthy that these publication design has a circulation of up to 5 million people and more, making it one of the most successful pieces of graphic design that I have done thus far. In most cases, I have designed these for front-page advertisements, Magazine covers, and much more.

Conceptual Campaign

Designing conceptual posters is one of the most exciting areas of my graphic design career. These posters are a great opportunity for me to showcase my creativity and artistic abilities as a creative digital designer. The purpose of the posters is to tell a story through a combination of text and visual elements in order to evoke a specific emotion in the target audience based on what is said in the caption. In addition, all of the posters listed below have been advertised on over 2000 screens in cinemas.